Life Clinic

Life Clinic

In 2016, I began working as a Content Writer and Digital Marketing Specialist for the company Life Clinic. I would be working for their health and wellness company LaserBody M.D..Though it wasn’t a field I had prior experience with, they had faith in my writing ability and my willingness to learn.

One of my responsibilities was to manage the brand’s social media platforms. This involved me writing posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as creating original infographics. To do so, I needed to purchase stock images for commercial use and edit them using Photoshop. Though this was my first exposure to Photoshop, I quickly learned how to edit the photos and add the company’s brand and logo onto the images, as well as inserting the required text.

In addition to creating daily social media posts, I was also tasked with creating blog content for the company’s website. I would be given anywhere between 10 to 13 topics, ranging from company products to wellness tips. I would then have to research the topics and write between 300 and 700 words for each of them. The purpose of these posts was to provide our followers with reliable and useful information, while also marketing the company’s products and services.

In order to stay on top of these tasks and to keep my manager up to date, we began using Asana, a project management application. There, my manager and I would discuss our marketing strategies, as well as future blog and social media topics. We would also communicate with other team members and see what our company was trying to focus on in the coming seasons.

As I continued to accomplish my weekly duties, my manager entrusted me with the company’s second brand as well. It was called MyBody M.D., and focused more on the wellness services the company offered, rather than the products we were trying to sell. As such, I also had to familiarize myself with the biology of the human body, and give advice regarding diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

While managing these brands on various different platforms, I learned a lot about marketing in different mediums. I learned the advantages and shortcomings of each, while reflecting on how the company could best reach its target audience. Though my role wasn’t in a field I had previous experience in, I proved to my manager that I was able to acquaint myself with the content matter, as well as the unfamiliar software necessary to promote it.